• Step Ahead Steve

Where is life taking us?

LIfe is very funny because it really never stays the same. We are either fixing something or trying to make things better. We all talk about life-giving us a curveball and how do we bounce back from that? Well in Baseball we develop a plan to hit the curveball. In return, we can move on to first base. It's just like the Covid-19 virus. that is our curveball and now we turn developed a plan to hit the curveball so we can move on. Some of my plans like you are getting bored staying home and doing mostly ever thing we can without going insane. Then what? Takes time away and do something with your life, for example, read a book but not only read a book, but also read a series of books. my wife. I and my son had a plan to watch all the avengers moves made in order. There are 23 of them. Each day we would sit and eat our diner and watch one of the series. We only have 3 left. Something to look forward to and we took 18 days to watch each one. Some days we watch two. It tools us away from all the death and covid-19 problems. What are some ideas you have?

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